Youth Services

Our Youth Programs enable school-aged youth to develop and apply their academic, emotional, cultural, social, and leadership skills and talents. Through their participation, youth make positive choices in their educational pursuits, relationships, and social engagements.


  • Our Youth Goals

    Academic Achievement

    Improve grades by a minimum of one grade level

    Personal & Social Skills Development

    Develop positive attitudes, behaviors,
    and skills

    Arts Proficiency

    Be proficient in performance & visual arts

    Violence Prevention

    Build positive relations & address conflicts non-violently


    Successfully complete each grade level

  • After School Program (ASP)

    New Brunswick elementary and middle school students improve their grades by at least one level and develop positive attitudes, behaviors, and skills. Services include tutoring and mentoring. The ASP is funded in part by the New Brunswick Public Schools, and is licensed by the NJ Department of Children and Families Office of Licensing.

    After School improves students’ grades in core academic subjects

    Students receive academic assistance, and participate in social enrichment workshops and activities, to promote academic achievement, personal and social skills, and cultural awareness. They also receive health and prevention information, which leads them to make better lifestyle decisions. Ultimately, they improve their grades in mathematics, reading, writing, science, and English language by one or two grades above what they were when they entered the program. Throughout the year, they receive positive reinforcement, and rewards and merits, at recognitions ceremonies.

    To enroll your child in After School, s/he must:
    • Attend 3rd grade at Roosevelt Elementary School
    • Attend 6th grade at McKinley Community School
    • Be referred by a school guidance counselor or a teacher
    • (OR) Be referred by you directly on behalf of your child, based on need
  • Youth Intervention and Mentoring Program (YIP)

    At-risk New Brunswick youth, ages 13-16, learn to mitigate risk factors that foster gang involvement, and ensure that they do not enter the juvenile justice system. Services include a youth group, mentoring, and a parent group. Transportation and healthy meals are provided. YIP is funded in part by the New Brunswick Public Schools.

    YIP increases student assets

    Students attend a youth group in which they participate in 26 youth intervention sessions to increase their knowledge of and reduce risky behavior. In the process, they increase their personal assets by engaging in self-reflection and self-expression, and appreciating themselves and others.

    YIP provides healthy mentoring relationships

    Students are paired with mentors over 19 years of age, and meet with them for a minimum of six months for at least 4 hours each week. The mentors utilize the power of positive influence and role modeling as the basis for youth character development.

    YIP increases parent involvement in their children’s lives

    Parents participate in an education group, in which they attend parent involvement workshops to enhance their parenting and communication skills. In the process, parents learn to help their children make positive decisions and reduce risky behavior.

    To enroll your child in YIP, s/he must:
    • Be between the ages of 13 and 15 years old (16 and 17-year-olds may be accepted into the program based on need and individual situations)
    • Attend a New Brunswick School
    • Exhibit at-risk behavior at school and/or community: truancy, failure to thrive in school, negative peers
    • Be involved in a gang or live in a gang neighborhood
    • Lack positive adult role models
  • Artists Mentoring Against Racism, Drugs & Violence: Healing Through the Arts Summer Program (AMARD&V)

    At–risk New Brunswick youth, ages 10-16, spend five (5) weeks during the summer months being mentored by professional teaching artists in a community–based setting, through which they transform their lives, their attitudes about themselves, and their community, and develop skills that equip them for a successful education and a healthy future.

    AMARD&V is a partnership between PRAB, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Community Health Promotion Program, Rutgers University’s Collaborative Center for Community-based Research and Service, New Brunswick Cultural Center, Suydam Street Reformed Church in New Brunswick, and the New Brunswick Public Schools.

    AMARD&V uses the arts and life skills building for youth transformation

    Students participate in visual art, theater, photography, dance, and life skills workshops, i.e., conflict resolution, team building, and educational and work-readiness. In the process, they acquire knowledge, skills, and understanding about the performing and visual arts. They also learn to make better life choices for themselves and their families and maintain positive relationships with others.

    To enroll your child in AMARD&V, s/he must:
    • Be between the ages of 10 and 16
    • Be enrolled in a New Brunswick School
    • Be able to participate in the 5-week program
    • Submit a full application by the end of May (Applications are available in April)
    • Provide the following required documents:

    – Proof of participant’s address – ex. PSEG bill
    – Proof of attendance at a New Brunswick School
    – Proof of age
    – Proof of family income – Need copies of last 4 consecutive pay stubs



PRAB serves everyone regardless of age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, familial status, gender, sexual orientation, or functional impairment. We also serve as a voice to ensure equity & access to community resources and benefits for all people groups and communities in Central New Jersey.


Watch AMARD&V Video by New Brunswick Tomorrow (NBT)
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