PRAB offers a range of social services designed to empower people on the road to self-sufficiency. We offer these services in a sensitive, bilingual environment designed to encourage people to get the help they need.

Service Access Center

Caring Service Access Center (SAC) Representatives complete assessments with individuals and families to identify their unique needs and the best ways to address those needs. All clients are provided with advocacy, information/orientation on community supportive services and entitlement programs, assistance with healthcare information and access, housing education assistance and referrals. Emergency food is also available as needed. The SAC’s Our Children Project supports the unique needs of families and provides informal self-help groups for women.

Boaz Immigration and Counseling Program

Boaz is dedicated to providing education and counseling on immigration and family law matters to new members of the immigrant community in the central New Jersey area. The program offers assistance with applications for immigration benefits and it provides education and outreach about current immigration policies. Legal Clinics are available every Wednesday without appointment.

Please contact PRAB Headquarters at (732) 828-4510 for details about programs.

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