Family Services

Our Family Programs enable families to develop and apply their family-strengthening, child-rearing, community-building, financial, social, and leadership skills and talents. Through their participation, they strengthen their families and help other families and the community grow and develop.


  • Harmony Family Success Center (HFSC)

    Middlesex County residents gather in a family friendly community space, where they and their families receive resources, information, and support, and connect with others to create a broader sense of community. They also participate actively in activities that strengthen their families and neighborhoods, in partnership with other families and local community institutions.

    Harmony FSC enhances families’ social and human capital

    Families improve their life skills in several core areas: health, parent education/family interaction, employment, housing, advocacy, and resource building. They also increase their social networks and capacity through the connections they make with other parents, children, and families. In the process, families become more aware and self-reliant. They also connect to one another and build lasting connections with other community members.

    Harmony FSC increases community partnerships and connections

    HFSC and participating families work with other community organizations, individuals, and key stakeholders. They involve parents, community residents, and individuals in engagement activities, through which they gain feedback and input. In the process, they maintain a sustainable presence and secure buy-in from community residents. They also strengthen existing partnerships and develop new partnerships each year.

    To participate in Harmony FSC, you must:
    • Visit us (we welcome ALL community members)
    • Participate in as many activities and workshops as possible
  • Family Leadership Academy (FLA)

    Lourdes Illa
    Family Leadership Academy
    (732) 828–4510


    New Brunswick residents improve outcomes for their families and the overall community through individual coaching, group workshops and seminars, one-on-one sessions with staff and mentors, and a matching savings component. FLA is a partnership between PRAB and New Brunswick Tomorrow (NBT).


    FLA enhances families’ human, social, and financial capacity

    Families participate in four (4) modules during the first six (6) months, or Foundational Phase: Planning for our Future; Finances; Parent-Child Interaction; and Wellness. The next six (6) months, or the Implementation Phase, they participate in support groups and attend elective workshops chosen by them. Families also participate in Peer Leadership, through which they join and participate in a community building network. Along the way, families develop a family plan with at least one family goal, which helps them be socio-economically self-sufficient. Ultimately, they graduate from the program, and achieve at least one goal in their family plan.

    To participate in FLA, you must:
    • Have at least one child under the age of 18 in their home
    • Have at least two involved adults willing to participate
    • Have a steady source of income
    • Commit to the first one-year phase of the program comprised of two workshops per month, and one monthly session with a family coach
    • Be involved as peer leaders, and alumni events (Optional)
  • Parents as Teachers (PAT)

    Vanessa Salas
    Parents as Teachers Program
    (732) 828–4510

    Middlesex County parents who are pregnant, or have children up to five years old, receive free and voluntary home visitation services, including information, support, developmental screenings, and referrals to community resources.


    PAT promotes the optimal early learning development learning and health of young children

    We support and engage the parents and caregivers of young children during weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly evidenced-based home visitations. We provide a developmental topic, well-being aspect, and parent-child interactive component, as well as opportunities for additional support, education, and positive connections. We monitor their progress with timely immunization records, assessments, and developmental screenings of their children. We also refer them to issues related to parents or their children. In the process, they become stronger, healthier, and successful academically.


    PAT enhances families’ social and human capacity

    Parents participate in free workshops and fun activities that strengthen their social connections and parenting knowledge. Parents, community residents, and individuals also participate in quarterly community advisory board meetings, at which they provide feedback and input to the program. In the process, parents build connections with other parents and discuss parenting-related topics. They also help strengthen the program.

    To participate in PAT, you must:
    • Be referred directly through the Central Jersey Family Health Consortium’s central intake (CJFHC collects referral forms and conducts initial screening before you are assigned)
    • Be pregnant at the time of referral (One parent), or have a child up to the age of 5. (Note: If your child is over 5 years of age, you would be referred to another available resource in the county.)
    • Commit to in-home visitation on a weekly to monthly basis, depending on the age of your child and family’s needs


    The Parents as Teachers National Office recently noted that our program data demonstrated fidelity to all of the Essential Requirements of the Parents as Teachers model.  See our program model and expected outcomes below:

  • Our Family Services Partners

    Our Family Services count on the continued partnerships and collaborations with the community institutions below. We encourage you to visit their websites to learn about and access their programs and services, which include the following areas: Early Childhood, Youth, Family, Housing & Homelessness, Immigration, Community Service Access, Energy Conservation, Health & Nutrition, Education (PreK-12, Higher, etc.), Arts & Culture, Economic Development, and Community Development.

    Anshe Emeth Community Development Corporation

    Provides assistance with infant supplies, clothing, and furniture, when available

    Bayside Family Success Center (JRF)

    Part of the Network of Family Success Centers

    Catholic Charities/Child Care Solutions (CCR&R)

    Provides child care assistance to low-income families that meet eligibility criteria

    Clinica Latina

    Provides home-visitation programs, early intervention, services for pregnant and parenting mothers and families; partner of Parents as Teachers

    Edison Job Corps Academy

    A resource for employment related services

    Elijah’s Promise

    A resource for employment related culinary classes; or community (soup) kitchen

    F.I.S.H Inc

    A resource for food pantry services

    Family Support Organization

    Provides support and resources to parents

    Greenway Family Success Center

    Part of the Network of Family Success Centers

    Horizon NJ Health’s Hispanic Community Health Advisory Committee (CHAC)

    Provides free community health education resources to FLA participants; provides staff professional development opportunities; CHAC member

    HUB Teen Center

    Provides space and collaborates on community events

    Jewish Family Services

    Provides services through their Women’s Center and other programs

    Jewish Renaissance Foundation

    Referral for PAT families in the Perth Amboy area

    Kinship Navigator Program

    Provide opportunities for kinship families to stay connected

    Lazos America Unida

    Collaborate on events in New Brunswick

    Literacy New Jersey

    Provides volunteers for ESL classes

    Magyar Bank

    Provides financial education classes

    Middlesex County Center for Empowerment

    Provides services to families and partners each year for PRAB Goes Teal (sexual assault awareness event)

    Middlesex County College

    Sends interns to Harmony FSC, and provides family workshops and other educational opportunities

    Middlesex County Council for Young Children

    Member of Steering Committee, representing PRAB and Harmony FSC Parent Advisory Board

    Middlesex County Mobile Family Success Center

    Part of the Network of Family Success Centers

    NAMI en Espanol

    Provides education workshops and seminars to the community

    New Brunswick Bike Exchange

    Provides cost effective bikes for families

    New Brunswick Domestic Violence Awareness Coalition

    Partner on events and resources; Harmony FSC is a Coalition member

    New Brunswick Fatherhood Council

    Collaborate on Fatherhood focused events; Council member

    New Brunswick Fire Department

    Provides partnership and resources to Harmony FSC

    New Brunswick Free Public Library

    Provides space for programs and collaborate on community events and workshops

    New Brunswick Public Schools

    Collaborate with workshops to students

    New Brunswick Tomorrow

    Collaborate on Esperanza Neighborhood Initiative and Family Leadership Academy

    New Labor

    Referral for families with employment or other needs

    NJ DCF Office of Early Childhood Services, Family & Community Partnerships

    Funder of family services programs

    NJ Snap Ed Program

    Provides community education around nutrition and wellness

    Perform NJ Care

    Referral for families experiencing emotional or behavioral challenges with their children

    Prevent Child Abuse NJ

    Provides technical assistance to the PAT program

    Reformed Church of Highland Park

    Referral for families with immigration needs

    Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Referral for families with immigration needs

    Rutgers Behavioral Health Center

    Referral for families with mental health needs

    Rutgers University

    Provides interns to family services programs

    The Conversation Tree, Community-Based Language Partnerships at Rutgers

    Provides conversation cafes for community participants in New Brunswick

    RWJBarnabas Health

    Provides health related services to families; provides community education workshops

    Saint Peter’s Health Care System

    Provides health related services to families; provides community education workshops

    State Theatre of New Jersey

    Partner through its community outreach programs

    Stronger Famalies New Jersey

    Collaborate on events; Coalition member

    United Way of Central Jersey/ Vita Coalition

    Provide free income tax assistance to the community; Coalition member

    Unity Square Neighborhood Revitalization Project

    Collaborate on events and workshops

    WellCare of New Jersey

    Resource to families in need of healthcare

    Wellspring (formerly NCADD)

    Provides substance abuse resources; provides community education workshops

    Women Aware

    Referral for domestic violence resources

    Work First NJ: CWEP

    Provides volunteers for Harmony FSC

  • Boaz Immigration & Counseling Program

    Central New Jersey individual and families receive education and counseling on immigration matters, including education workshops, completion of petitions and/or applications for immigration benefits, and civics education for Limited English Proficient individuals.

    Yessimar Santos
    Boaz Immigration & Counseling Program
    90 Jersey Avenue
    (732) 828-4510


    Boaz educates individuals and families on immigration benefits

    Central New Jersey individual and families receive individual counseling, and participate in education workshops, to gain knowledge regarding current immigration policies and benefits available to them. They may meet with our accredited Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Accredited Representative to assess their unique needs and learn what their individual options are for immigration benefits.


    Boaz helps individuals and families gain immigration benefits

    Central New Jersey individual and families receive assistance with filing petitions and/or applications for immigration benefits. They attend legal clinics and/or meet individually with our accredited Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Accredited Representative until they gain their benefits.


    Boaz helps Limited English Proficient individuals pass the Citizenship Test

    Limited English Proficient individuals attend ESL classes to increase their knowledge of civics. They also learn about the citizenship test, where they take a pre-test and other practice tests in preparation for the official citizenship test.


    To receive Boaz services, you must:
    • Reside in Central Jersey
    • Schedule an appointment with our BIA Accredited staff, or visit us during Immigration Clinic Days on Wednesdays from 9am to 6pm


    To apply for a fee waiver or reduced fees for a citizenship application, you must:

PRAB serves everyone regardless of age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, familial status, gender, sexual orientation, or functional impairment. We also serve as a voice to ensure equity & access to community resources and benefits for all people groups and communities in Central New Jersey.


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