October 28, 2020

Boaz Immigration Program Receives Additional Funding to Help Middlesex County’s Immigrant Community

By:Alexa Chavarria

As immigration  laws have changed and delays have complicated applicants process, PRAB’s Boaz Immigration and Counseling Program has worked tirelessly to provide support for the immigrant population of New Brunswick and the surrounding communities 

Even when Governor Murphy called for a lockdown in March and closed the courtsBoaz continued to serve clients via phone and email. As the immigration system started reopening, PRAB’s staff members were helping with asylum cases, green card renewals, TPS, DACA and more.  

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, immigration cases are taking longer than expected to be processed. An obstacle Boaz has faced was when the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) closed their offices and clients were unable to attend their Naturalization interview. However, Yessimar Santos, Boaz’s Program Coordinator, has dedicated herself to communicate with clients who have pending inquiries and mail their cases out to USCIS 

Boaz recently was refunded by the NJ Center for Hispanic Policy Research & Development and received an additional $10K to continue offering these needed servicesSoon there will be virtual ESL/Civics classes available to best prepare and educate our immigration populations and clients 

Currently, PRAB is working to re-open its headquarters in 90 Jersey Avenue in New Brunswick to visitors and clients. In the meantime, count on the Boaz staff to continue communicating with clients and community members via phone and email