Social Services

Our Social Services enable individuals and families to access and use community, immigration, and housing services.


  • Multi Services Center (MSC)

    We believe everyone in our community should have access to the services they needOur Multi Services Center (MSC) aims to take care of any community, family, or individual need not formally addressed by our programs. Middlesex County residents receive a wide array of services including: advocacy and orientation on supportive services and entitlement programs, assistance with healthcare access, employment services, and food assistance from our pantry. They may also be referred to one of our partners for services including free eye exams, legal assistance, rental assistance, and wage recovery among many others. 


    Carmelo J. Cintrón Vivas
    Manager, CSBG/Multi Services
    (732) 828-4510


    MSC helps individuals and families access and use community resources

    Low and moderate-income Middlesex County residents meet with MSC Representatives in English and Spanish to assess their unique needs and the best ways to address those needs. They review information about community supportive services, entitlement programs, access to healthcare, housing education, child support, court motions, etc. They also participate in educational activities or counseling sessions to secure appropriate community resources. Some resources are provided in-house by PRAB programs, partnering organizations, and other community service providers; others come through referrals to other external providers.

    Participants also may access a food pantry on a first come, first serve basis. Through MSC’s Our Children Project, women may participate in an informal self-help group for women.


    Outreach helps individuals and families learn about community resources

    Low and moderate-income Middlesex County residents receive information on community resources from an Outreach Representative. Resources include PRAB services and those of other relevant community service providers. Outreach locations include municipal offices, libraries, senior centers, adult day care centers, community & health fairs, and public events. Outreach sessions are available in English and/or Spanish.


    MSC/Outreach increases accessibility to needed community resources

    MSC and Outreach Representatives meet with other community agencies and service providers to learn about their services, and establish an appropriate referral system for use by participating individuals and families. They maintain a comprehensive inventory of community services, and regularly add to the existing linkages and referrals. In turn, individuals and families may access more community resources via educational activities or counseling sessions both at PRAB’s Service Access Center and at the providers’ own program spaces.


    To receive SAC/Outreach Services you must:
    • Reside in Middlesex County (and other parts of Central New Jersey)
    • Visit our headquarters at 90 Jersey Avenue
    • Register at the Welcome desk and then be served by an available representative
    • (off-site) Attend an Outreach event/intake session to obtain PRAB resources, and apply directly for some PRAB services


    For community agencies and service providers to partner with SAC/Outreach, you must:
    • Contact the Multi-Service Center/Outreach Manager to provide info on your services
    • Schedule a date or dates to offer your resources on-site at the Service Access Center
  • Boaz Immigration & Counseling Program

    Central New Jersey individual and families receive education and counseling on immigration matters, including education workshops, completion of petitions and/or applications for immigration benefits, and civics education for Limited English Proficient individuals.

    Yessimar Santos
    Boaz Immigration & Counseling Program
    90 Jersey Avenue

    (732) 828-4510


    Boaz educates individuals and families on immigration benefits

    Central New Jersey individual and families receive individual counseling, and participate in education workshops, to gain knowledge regarding current immigration policies and benefits available to them. They may meet with our accredited Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Accredited Representative to assess their unique needs and learn what their individual options are for immigration benefits.


    Boaz helps individuals and families gain immigration benefits

    Central New Jersey individual and families receive assistance with filing petitions and/or applications for immigration benefits. They attend legal clinics and/or meet individually with our accredited Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Accredited Representative until they gain their benefits.


    Boaz helps Limited English Proficient individuals pass the Citizenship Test

    Limited English Proficient individuals attend ESL classes to increase their knowledge of civics. They also learn about the citizenship test, where they take a pre-test and other practice tests in preparation for the official citizenship test.


    To receive Boaz services, you must:
    • Reside in Central Jersey
    • Schedule an appointment with our BIA Accredited staff, or visit us during Immigration Clinic Days on Wednesdays from 9am to 6pm


    To apply for a fee waiver or reduced fees for a citizenship application, you must:
  • ENLACE Senior Citizens Project

    The ENLACE Senior Citizens project is geared toward the 55+senior citizen population of the Greater New Brunswick and Middlesex County area. Entering our third year of service under the guidance of Julie Jerome our Community Engagement Coordinator.



    Julie Jerome, FDC
    ENLACE Senior Citizen Project
    90 Jersey Avenue
    (732) 828-4510

    ENLACE’s primary goals are to:

    • Provide access to resources and establish connections and support with physical and mental health services through Telehealth and the various health care agencies in our area.
    • Assist with application to enroll in home energy assistance, weatherization, food assistance programs, SNAP, health insurance, and various social services.
    • Promote and encourage seniors to reach out to peers during this time of isolation through our “Buddy System” whereby we connect those who are in similar circumstances to one another for socialization and connection
    • Continue to provide up to date information on COVID 19, including maintaining safety measures, as well as clarity on the vaccine program.

    ENLACE continues to work with current and new families seeking services which are offered free of charge with Spanish language access available. ENLACE utilizes a strength-based approach focusing on social connections and community engagement. This is especially true in the current environment of social isolation.

    If you would like to learn more about the ENLACE project and/or to request assistance (most of which is currently being offered remotely), please reach out to:

    Julie A Jerome

    (732) 828-4510 x 189

    Caring for seniors is perhaps the greatest responsibility we have. Those who have walked before us have given so much and made possible the life we all enjoy.”–

  • Hospital Violence Intervention Program (HVIP)

    W.A.V.E – Working together Against Violence to Empower

    Hospital Violence Intervention Program (HVIP)


    Dean Hameda, LSW/MSW
    Youth Services & Mental Health
    (732) 828-4510

PRAB serves everyone regardless of age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, familial status, gender, sexual orientation, or functional impairment. We also serve as a voice to ensure equity & access to community resources and benefits for all people groups and communities in Central New Jersey.


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Henry Gorman
Senior Director, Family & Housing Services
(732) 828-4510


Dean Hameda, LSW-MSW
Youth Services & Mental Health
(732) 828-4510


Carmelo J. Cintrón Vivas
CSBG/Multi Services
(732) 828–4510