November 22, 2017

NJHHF Foreclosure Grant Assistance Deadline is December 15th!

URGENT NEWS: New Jersey’s Hardest Hit Fund (NJHHF) program which offers foreclosure grant assistance through the NJ Homesaver and NJ Homekeeper program will end December 15, 2017. Clients must submit their application before this deadline is order to take advantage of the following programs:

· New Jersey HomeSaver program offers eligible homeowner’s up to $50,000 in financial assistance to help bring your household monthly payment to an affordable level through a refinance, recast, or permanent modification of the first mortgage loan.

· New Jersey HomeKeeper program offers up to $48,000 in financial assistance to cover arrears and/or monthly mortgage payments (including principal, interest, taxes and insurance) for up to 12 months.

Please contact the Housing Coalition Unit at 732-249-9700 so we may determine your eligibility and assist you in applying for these programs before time runs out.